Crawford Fitness / Crawford Strength re-brand project

Crawford Fitness rebrand project

Crawford Fitness
After realising that the Health Club fitness model was not longer popular or sustainable post crash, Crawford Health. Fitness. Lifestyle. became Crawford Fitness. This brand was more youthful, edgier, a bit more aggressive and styled around the rise of popularity of strongman and Crossfit type gyms. Lots of Stencil font and vector work.
You have to have t-shirts... They're a little bit cheesy but fun and cheap to reproduce in black or white.
The Crawford Strongman Club and Crawford Strength also sprang up from the Crawford Fitness base, keeping the lion motif and Stencil fontĀ and becoming more of a logo system based around these core design facets.
Just to show how the concept was then embraced in murals throughout the gym (I didn't paint these). So it was a dramatic (and successful) brand shift.
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