BOX - Design Project


Black Box (Masters Project)
The blkbox is a device that records video form multiple built-in cameras and transmits it via WIFI or LAN connection, across the internet while SIMULTANEOUSLY projecting and playing streamed video from other users, onto the room in which the user is standing via projectors mounted on the cube’s flat surfaces.

While the blkbox is recording you, you are able to browse the network of other users in real-time using articulated gestures (swipe to scroll etc) and navigate this stream of video consciousness, interacting with multiple feeds as you go.

This project started off as an homage to the makers of GUM magazine, Visionaire and those pop surrealist designer and artists who chose to disrupt traditional media formats and finished up as an interactive social media device. This made it up to patent application whereupon further funding wasn't available without sacrificing IP. 
Branding System
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